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About Us

Custom Approach

In all my work, my goal is to impart my own “sculptural” design, and as I desire to continuously challenge myself, I dislike doing the same thing twice.  

I design my small series items, usually 10-20 pieces, based on what appeals to me and remains “functional”.


With commissions, I take into account what the client desires and incorporate my design aesthetics to it, while strongly considering how the piece will be placed into a particular environment (site-specific).


Generations of metalwork

My family history of metalwork and blacksmithing has come from three sides of my family - the “Jubenville / Lind” sides operated generational blacksmith shops in the area I live in currently, and the “Drake” side as a blacksmith from the brooks locomotive company in Dunkirk, NY.    


I have a few items from my family’s past in my own shop.  I am sure what I have done with my career would have made them scratch their heads, but it has helped me become who I am.


Excellence and Professionalism

Although I began my ART Career focus as a painter/illustrator, in 1977 I switched to ironwork and never looked back.  The majority of my career was spent working with Albert Paley (1986 to present) to realize his monumental works, and now I am energized again with the opportunity to create my own work in my own studio.

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